Mar 20

MTU micro propulsion technology featured on MIPlasma


The Michigan institute for Plasma Science and Engineering (MIPSE), together with the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy, has a great series of short clips describing how plasma affects our lives.   In December 2015 MIPSE interviewed Professor King to understand how ionic liquid ferrofluids might be used to provide propulsion for the […]

Feb 16

The new satellites are here! The new satellites are here!


MTU is excited to accept new cubesat hardware from Clyde Space. The shipment includes single-board computer, electrical power system, ADAC module, and flatsat test breakout board for Auris and Stratus. Cubesat technology has come a long way since the roll-your-own days of Oculus and HuskySat.

Nov 3

Isp Lab Submits Video to APS Gallery of Fluid Motion


Members of the Isp lab have submitted a video to the American Physical Society Gallery of Fluid Motion. This gallery is designed to be a “non-technical presentation to share the aesthetics of one’s research with fellow researchers and the general public.”  The video submitted by the Isp lab is titled: “Electric and Magnetic Fluid Spraying Instabilities” […]

Dec 9

Dr. Lyon B. King gives seminar at MIPSE


Dr. King was the invited speaker at the December Michigan Institute for Plasma Science and Engineering seminar held in Ann Arbor where he described on-going research in the area of superparamagnetic ionic liquids and their potential use as spacecraft thruster propellant.

Aug 29

EJ Meyer Receives Winnikow Fellowship


The Ion Space Propulsion lab is proud to announce that one of their members, E.J. Meyer, has received the Winnikow Fellowship for his work titled: “Electrospray from an Ionic Liquid Ferrofluid utilizing the Rosensweig Instability.” The Winnikow fellowship is awarded in remembrance of Dr. Svetlana Winnikow.

Apr 23

Kurt Terhune Receives NASA Fellowship


The Ion Space Propulsion lab is proud to announce that one of their members, Kurt J. Terhune, has received the NASA Space Technology Research Fellowship for his work titled: “Mass Measurements of a Ionic Liquid Ferrofluid Electrospray.” Kurt is one of 65 students to receive this prestigious award.

Jan 18

MTU wins Air Force Competition – DoD will launch satellite


Michigan Tech University was chosen as the winning school in the Air Force Research Laboratory’s University Nanosatellite flight competition review. The MTU vehicle is called Oculus-ASR. The spacecraft is 70 kg and about half the size of a refrigerator. The spacecraft’s mission will improve techniques that the Department of Defense currently uses to keep track of all objects in space.

Jun 16

Dr. Lyon B. King wins SAE Engineering Education Award


Dr. King was recently awarded the SAE International’s Ralph R. Teetor Educational Award. The award was established in 1965 in honor of long-time member and former SAE president Ralph R. Teetor. Dr. King is grateful for receiving this honor