What is Enterprise?

The Michigan Tech Enterprise Program is an integrated curriculum that enables interdisciplinary teams of undergraduates to work on complex engineering projects while earning credits towards their degree. Instead of the typical “Capstone Senior Design” experience in traditional engineering curriculum, Michigan Tech students have the option to join an Enterprise Team as early as their Sophomore Year and to remain with this team until graduation. The Michigan Tech Enterprise Program currently boasts 26 different teams on diverse projects such as Video Game Development, Hybrid Electric Vehicles and Formula Race Cars. the Michigan Tech Aerospace Enterprise is just one of these teams. To learn more about Enterprise, visit the Michigan Tech Enterprise Program webpage: http://www.mtu.edu/enterprise/

Who We Are

Our Mission

  • Educate the Future Leaders of the Aerospace Industry by providing undergraduate students hands-on Space Systems Engineering project experience through the design, test, and integration of spacecraft.
  • Advance U.S. Space Technology by solving real-world, challenging problems. The satellites we build aren’t just a student science project. These are real satellites, with real missions, that are directly relevant to current U.S. Military and NASA needs.


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Award-Winning Satellites

The Michigan Tech Aerospace Enterprise is developing the aerospace professionals and space systems of the future. For nearly 15 years, Dr. Lyon (Brad) King has mentored hundreds of undergraduates on the application of Systems Engineering to the development of complex systems such as spacecraft and autonomous vehicles. The organization is led and operated completely by undergraduate students, while Dr. Lyon (Brad) King serves as an Academic Advisor. Students from across the disciplines (Software Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Physics, etc.) have the opportunity to join one of the eight subteams the enterprise is composed of. The organization is structured such that there is a subteam for each of the major subsystems of the spacecraft we build. Each subteam is led by a student Team Leader and Systems Engineer, who subsequently report to a Project Manager and Chief Engineer.




  • Oculus-ASR

    A microsat for Space Situational Awareness research

  • Stratus

    A 3U-cubesat for infrared cloud imaging

  • Auris

    A microsat for locating signal emitters


Zero Gravity Research


Autonomous Gliders


Air Force Research Lab’s UNP-3 HuskySat

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Alumni from our enterprise have landed jobs at aerospace companies and research facilities throughout the country.

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