Welcome to the Michigan Tech Aerospace Enterprise

The Aerospace Enterprise is a student organization at Michigan Technological University and member of MTU's Enterprise Program. The Enterprise is composed of a diverse multidisciplinary group of over 50 students. Students work together on innovative and relevant Aerospace related projects, and all members contribute towards achieving specific project goals. Through the Aerospace Enterprise students are able to enhance their engineering and Aerospace knowledge, as well as develop personal and leadership skills that will provide valuable work experience before graduation. Additionally, students work closely with industry sponsors whose contributions play a vital role to the Enterprise's success.

About Us

The MTU Aerospace Enterprise began in the Fall of 2002 with 17 students enrolled. Since then, the enterprise has grown with approximately sixty current members. Over the past eight years the enterprise has taken on a number of different projects that challenged students to provide aerospace solutions in nationwide competitions. Currently the Enterprise one major project, the Oculus-ASR Nanosatellite.

On January 17 Michigan Tech University was chosen as the winning school in the Air Force Research Laboratory's University Nanosatellite flight competition review (FCR). Michigan Tech will now receive a two-year follow-on contract from AFOSR to perform final integration and testing of the spacecraft to prepare it for launch and also to construct a ground-control station on campus. The DoD Space Test Program will launch the MTU satellite into low-Earth orbit in 2013. The spacecraft will complete a one-year nominal mission controlled from MTU. The satellite has been completely designed and built by MTU undergraduate students during a four-year program.

The success of the Enterprise program relies heavily on the support of our industry sponsors. Michigan Tech seeks creative and forward-thinking Enterprise Partners for team sponsorship to help set a new standard for undergraduate education. The partners will have a unique educational investment opportunity to fuel continued growth and development of this revolutionary educational program. For more information about how to become a partner in this exciting program, please contact us.