Aug 29

EJ Meyer Receives Winnikow Fellowship


The Ion Space Propulsion lab is proud to announce that one of their members, E.J. Meyer, has received the Winnikow Fellowship for his work titled: “Electrospray from an Ionic Liquid Ferrofluid utilizing the Rosensweig Instability.” The Winnikow fellowship is awarded in remembrance of Dr. Svetlana Winnikow.

About Dr. Svetlana Winnikow

Dr. Svetlana Winnikow was a professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering – Engineering Mechanics from 1967 to 1981. Her main professional interest was in the Energy-Thermo-Fluids area. At Michigan Tech, Dr. Winnikow taught courses in the thermal sciences at the graduate and undergraduate level. She was responsible for the thermodynamics laboratory (now the Energy Lab). Dr. Winnikow’s research was focused on both experimental and analytical fluid mechanics. She very much liked working in the laboratory along with her students. Throughout her career, Dr. Winnikow has an exceptionally personal interest in the education of her students. She was especially concerned that the students have a good knowledge of the fundamentals, and sound practical orientation. In her will, Dr. Winnikow left an endowment to Michigan Tech with the request that it be used for graduate fellowships in the Energy-Thermo-Fluids Area.

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