Micropropulsion Facility 1

Micropropulsion Facility 1 is a 0.5-meter -diameter by 0.5-meter-long stainless-steel chamber capable of pressures as low as 1×10-11 Torr.

The chamber is evacuated using a single 300 L/s magnetically levitated turbomolecular pump that is backed by a 110 L/min dry scroll pump.  The tank is also equipped with a 300 L/s ion-sublimation combination pump to reach ultra-high vacuum.

An additional component to the UHV facility is a trinocular stereo microscope.  The microscope has an optical magnification up to 90x and is equipped with a color digital camera.  The camera provides the ability to perform in situ imaging, as well as the ability to record video directly through USB2.0.

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